Sweet Beans Are Made of This: What you need to know about your coffee bag

You walk down the coffee aisle at the local grocery store and glance over all the trendy labels. You immediately spot your favorite blend, which you recognize based on the colors and patterns and toss it into your cart without a second thought. Several weeks later, you run out of our favorite coffee and head back to the same store to pick up your favorite blend, but this time you don’t spot the iconic packaging anywhere. You comb the shelves hoping to see the same packing that you always grab and realize to your annoyance that they’ve changed the packaging yet again. You get your beloved coffee home and notice that for some reason, it tastes…different. Did they change more than just the packaging?
You don’t want to start from scratch finding a new brand, new blend, new flavor profile, so you take a few minutes to type an email to the company to ask if they changed anything other than the packing of their coffee. Several days later you receive a response letting you know that the only change was the trendy packaging. Hm… maybe it was just your imagination. You finish off your new bag of coffee and stick with your favorite brand. Maybe it doesn’t taste as different after all.
Several studies have been conducted over the years to determine how to sell that perfect bag off coffee to consumers. The psychology behind marketing for color and taste has had a particular impact on the drink industry. Brands like Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper all utilize various shades of red and white in their branding due to the science behind these colors giving the consumer a sense that these beverages are sweeter than those offered in a green or yellow can.
Sodas aren’t the only drinks that utilize this form of marketing. The wine industry also found that labels made a difference in consumer perceptions. One study found that customers were more likely to purchase a product based on the look of the packaging rather than the perceived quality of the product. The most interesting part about this and similar studies is that the labels for these products influence the brain chemistry, brand equity, and taste profiles for the consumers, meaning that consumers begin to have more brand loyalty based on packaging and flavor memory rather than the quality or company themselves. This is why brand name coffees outsell off-brands even when quality of brand name products is lower.
Think back to grabbing your favorite coffee bag from the shelf and how you knew which one to select. The first time you selected this brand, roast, and package, you likely put time and thought into your purchase. Was the brand reputable? Did you purchase based on the cost? Did the packaging look nice? Once you established that you enjoyed the product, your taste memory and brand equity allowed you to establish this coffee as a favorite without having to make a long-process decision each time you needed to purchase coffee.
These same influences can be applied to our custom label coffees, meaning that when you customize a coffee bag for the coffee lover in your life. their association with the unique labeling creates a unique flavor memory in their brain. Each bag of coffee, though roasted to our perfect standards, will not only have a customized package, but that package will give a exclusive taste profile to the recipient making it the perfect gift for coffee lovers.
So when you are looking for the special coffee gift to add a bit of sweetness to a coffee lover’s day, use our customization tools to type a personalized message and upload an image with plenty of red and white hues. If you want to send them something a little more splash, try adding yellow tones to the graphic for more citrusy notes. One thing is certain, they’ll love their customized coffee bag and you’ll know that it is as special as they are.